Transportation of plants across state

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I am particularly interested to transport PAVM drumstick sappling/plants from Dindigul, Tamil Nadu to Aurangabad in Maharashtra. I did speak to Mr Vivekanandan, Executive Director of SEVA who agreed to make the plants available; however requested to make own arrangements for transportation. The distance is around 1300+ kms.  Please suggest.

Also refer … -dindigul/

Would appreciate if someone can share any inputs/pointers.

parag i would recommend - 16733 Rameswaram-Okha Express, try that it will be helpful for you?

Dear Mr.Parag,

Transporting plants for long distance is a bit cumbersome.
If you analyse, most of the time,soil media will weigh 90% weight and plant weight will be weighing  10%.
Jiffy pellets are ideal propagation solution for this kind of crops.Advantages are degradable cover,lightweight cocopeat media,can be packed in carton boxes.Smaller volume can be packed and sent.Lesser transportation cost,Quantum of roots are more,Less mortality,Speedy growth.You can visit for more details.


Rajendra kumar