Transplanting big trees


I need guidance on transplanting/relocating two mango trees on my farm. The trees are 6 yr old. Height is about 8ft and tree canopy is about 5ft.
Experts please guide on relocation of these trees. Best practices, best season, equipment etc.



Google “transplanting large trees”. The key is to retain large enough root ball needed for tree to survive the transplant. With cooler weather now would be good time to transplant.

Good luck. Do post your experience.


Please take a look at this: … ants-hope/

They transplanted a coconut tree. 

It is also mentioned in the blog that:
“For any tree transplanting queries please contact us at or call me at +91 97395 75466.”

You may want to contact them.

Thanks all for the input.

This being monsoon season, We transplanted the mango trees on my farm. JCB machine was used.