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Hi, currently I am in software and want to move to agriculture in near future. I have holidays coming this Christmas, and want to get some agriculture training in Bangalore for 8-12 days. Please suggest me. Any guidance will be helpful. I have capital but no land and no agriculture background. I am also interested in Dairy farming. Any information on short time dairy farming will also help me. I have start from 0. Please guide me.

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since agriculture is a vast field , it is you to decide where to land up , but at the same time you have shown interest in dairy farming which is a good thought , but for that you need to study what are the parameters are involved before you start dairy farming
This is my view
If you need anything just let me know
Kumar khandekar

Thanks Kumar. I really appreciate your quick response. I need to start somewhere. Please let me know how to contact you. I would be grateful to you for your suggestion at this initial stage.

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Dear Manjunath

Please contact me on 9754052961 (WA)


Thanks sir, I will contact you.

Hi there is nothing like hands on experience in farming, I have farm set up in Mysore you can get all information and inputs if you want contact 7019940208

It is better to Sri Sri Ashramam for Agriculture Training on natural farming

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Ok sir, I will contact you.

For Fulfilling your Needs in Bangalore Please Contact Mr.G.P.Rao in Bangalore who is a reliable Person whose Contact Nos. are 7411119999 / 9141419999 / 9591300999. .

If you want any Help in Hyderabad, I will help you.
My Contact Nos . are 9133498366 & 7416446789

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Thank you Sir. I will contact Mr.G.P Rao.

Hi Manjunath, I am also same person like you… looking for get in to farming… where you are from.?
where do you live in blore?

Hi @SriB, you can dial me @9916190302. We can discuss further.

Sir, Please contact me during your sojourn to India. I am from Chennai. Mob 9566057273 or divakarank{at}

@divakarank sir I live in Bangalore. Thanks for your details.

Hi iam Gangadharam from chennai,Iam looking for Agriculture.So i want to Need some training or tips of agriculture.Kindly do the needful for better advise.

Hello Manjunath,
I am Janardhan here. Iam also interested in doing samagra susthira krushi with desi cows. I have been attended many seminars and workshops, if require i can share with you. There will be a workshop in January conducting by subhash Palekar in Bagalakote. there are many people who teach practically. You can work in the farms also.

I want to buy 3acres +2 acres of land. With my three months servey, i have found few lands around Bengaluru. Iam already having one person with me for land purchase. We need one more person to buy the land of having 9acres single plot.

If you are interested, please contact me.



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Thanks Janardhan for sharing really good piece of information.

Please share your contact details.

Hi Janardhan
I am interested in buying. My number is 9845229367



Contact 6363785700, visit
For agriculture training and capital investment plan for growing exotic vegetables in Bangalore