Tomato problem identification

Dear All,

During harvesting my fruits get cracked.
Please help which problem is this 1/3 rd of yield is waste due to this.
Pictures of same is uploaded here. :-[

Check both the articles…It seems Temperature or Watering of the Plant is the cause. … -or-split/ … acking.htm

Thanks for the info but water was not an issue for me.
I am using drip at proper and regular interval.
I will reduce quantity and duration then lets see what happens.
If anyone else is having info on the same then suggestions will be useful.

Boron deficiency is supposed to cause fruit cracking in a number of crops.
Try spraying a micronutrient mix that contains boron, since a foliar spray would show quick results.

Dear Chandra,

Interesting fact is boron dosage were followed as per the schedule.

Borax is the solution.The soil is deficient in boron.Excess of chemical fertilisers may also be one of the reason.chemical fertilisers mixed in concentrated doses may cause this cracking effect. Try other boron seller.May be you are getting spurious items.

take chelated calcium via foiler, also in your fertigation.