Tomato cultivation - seed purchase from other countries?


Just wanted to check if I purchase seeds from other countries.  In this case I’m interested in cultivating heirloom 1884 from the USA. Is it okay to do so?  If yes can I purchase various other varieties for cultivation? Mohammed

Seed importing needs license. it it better to approach INDAM seeds. They can help you.

Also I remember reading an article on this Coimbatore university had these. I will give you more info on this in couple of days.

I believe import of any plant material has to go through quarantine procedures. However, there are quite a few Indian retailers who sell imported seeds online.

Thanks for the reply.

But I’m very specific about 1884 heirloom.

Is there any way so that I can get them here in bangalore

I am not sure about Bangalore but why don’t you try here:

They should have all the required paperwork and their seeds are of a very good quality!

I am also awaiting your reply.

Correction: it is Auroville See below contact info

Auroville. 605 101. Tamil Nadu. India.

The article points out few major issues,

  1. Taste of this veriety is sweet so there is a question for demand in Indian maket. This is good for salads.
  2. Skin is very thin and pest attack is more. Summer is better season.
  3. Keeping quality is very poor. it can be kep 2-3 days.

Hey Mohammed,
whats so special about heirloom 1884?