Tomato 4480 type Seed

Dear all,

Good evening.I’m Sudarshan. i’m interested in agriculture. Right now i’m HVAC Design Engineer In one of the best company in india.

i want to plan to plant the 4480 type Tomato Seed in mid of Feb.Please give me Suggestions and how to plantation, inserts protections and also eco friendly Form.

Bless me as your valuable comments.

not sure if your variety is cover in the link below, but it covers mostly all indian varieties.


Dear Gaddam Sudarshana Babu,
yes it is good plant in in early Feb. You can get good income as it will be end of summer & beginning of rainy season. the minimum distance is 2 feet x 3 feet distance in row & column. tree to tree 2 feet & distance of column is 3 feets. best of luck.

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