Tissue cultured Bamboo for sale


Botanical name: Bambusa balcooa Roxb.
Origin: Northern India, Bangladesh
Climate: Tropical to sub-tropical
Type: Clumping bamboo, non-invasive
Propagation method: Tissue culture (Micro-propagation) Max. dimensions: Culm length: 12-20 m Culm diameter: 8-15 cm Internode length: 20-40 cm Preferred soil: heavy-textured soils with good drainage.

We suggest
1000 plants / acre
Yield 40 ton/ yr after 5th year
Harvesting starts from 5th year onwards every year
Current cost is ₹4000 / ton

Rate ₹ 40 + transport at actual
Plant height min 1.5 ft max 2 ft

Hey there I am interested in buying
pankaj bachhuka

We need 100 saplings of bamboo (Beema–Bambusa balcooa).Kindly send us your details with freight charges etc. Our mail ID antonyraj01061948@gmail.com, mobile 9962521629.
Antony Raj