This farmer earns Rs. 22 lakh a year from 2.1 acres of land



Thanks krishna. I got it and will update here after I visit his farm.


Thanks to the site owners for this wonderful website.
I am Veera currently in Vancouver, Canada. I would like to visit Mr. Sadananda’s farm once I come to Bangalore. Any updates by anyone, who has visited the farm recently.



Thank you Brother Mr. Veera,

I have Visited the Farm of Mr. Sadananada Gouda Nr. Bangalore. He is adopting Innovative Methods.
Now in his Land I have found the following Crops.

  1. 1/4th Acre-Cucumber (Kheera)
  2. In 1/4 Acre Grown Ridge Gourd
  3. Arcanut
    It may be possible at Once in getting such a huge Income. As per the Discussions I had with him has reveled that he is Confident of getting about  Rs.12 Lakhs/PA on his Land. His innovation is that he has developed a Sprayer for by using an old Scooter.Also installed a Mud Pump for pumping Cow dung, Cow urine Mixture directly to the Plants.I am posting the Images I got for the information and for Inspiration of our Forum Members.


Hi vasudhafarms,

Please share the pictures.


Thank you Bhayya, Mr. Veera and Mr.Hari
Please Mail  us to enable us to send the Images of the Land of Sadananada Gouda of Bangalore, since our System does not accept the Images considering it as the Advertisement.

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Dear Manne,

Looks like you have misunderstood ‚ÄúFarmnest‚ÄĚ.¬† Farmnest never ever stopped anyone from posting pictures for right cause.

we have removed some posts like melia dubia plantation which show cases your consultancy in discussion section. However you are free to post melia dubia consultancy offers on ads section even now.

There are hundreds of posts with pictures, Hari himself has posted his farm pictures.

Here is a thread  members have posted several pictures of farm visits. … rm-trail!/

It is quite disappointing see such comments.



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Thank you Chandra Garu and Sri Garu for your Observations,
I have not commented the Moderators. There may be a Program-me that system does not accept the IMAGES of Sadananada Gouda Farm at Bangalore which I have visited and brought the Photos.Further I have not posted any advertisement of Melia Dubia in Forum. I have explained the Issues where our Forum members have raised Doubts and have clarified doubts. We are constrained in propagating the Plantation which is the Need of the Hour merely because of some miscreants are discouraging it who could not make efforts. It may not be out of place to mention that Gujarat Govt. is providing Subsidy on this plantation. What ever I have posted Regarding Malabar Neem  only for the Benefit of our Forum Members to educate them properly on their Doubts.

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Thank you Mr. Manne, much appreciated.

Let me assure you the system is not clever enough to distinguish and allow only some type of images to be posted. My guess is your pics were too large to be uploaded - the system  tries to resize large images, but if they are huge, it gives up. You can try resizing them beforehand in a program like Paint or Gimp and retry.

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I Want to Visit him, can someone please ping me his number, thanks in advance.


Hi? It is not completely true that he earned 22 lakhs only from 2.1 acre.
He adopted completed method of Agriculture. Note that raising crops alone is not agriculture. Agriculture includes all other cultures like Horticulture-Sadananda have 50% Horticrops. Floriculture-he using 30% of land for floriculture.10 gunts for Green House, though he was not got profit from first tomoto crop in green house, he rotated other crops like capsicam, flowers etc under green house. Remaining is seasonal crops like vegetables, pulses etc. He use his water storing tank for growing fish. He growing chicken not only for getting money, but to clean weeds under rose flower plants.(Chiks dig soft soil under plant to eat parasites which harm plant growth in the soil. He is having few cattle for milk production and menure. All of his produce is selling at home town Doddaballapura which 5 km distance. Areca nut and Coconuts are yearly crops. Jack fruit is twice in year. Roses are under certen interevels.
Hard worker dedicated entire life for agriculture for which he getting rewards.

22 lakhs is not exact figure, it may lesser than that. But he is winner/
He stays in the Farm itself


I’m impressed to see his farm send me a address