Thiruvathira Njattuvela begins on 21st Jan (best time to plant anything)

Hello every one,

This message is to inform everyone about the best time to plant anything in the whole year.
I guess should have posted this a little earlier.

from 21st june Thiruvathira Njattuvela starts and will continue till 4th July. During this 14 days you can plant anything and everything. (paddy re-plantation also happens during this time). Basically you can cut any stem of a plant(provided it is a little matured) and plant it. It will definitely catch up.

Basically Njattuvela are suns position. (So this should apply for all part of India but people with no rains it will be difficult I guess)

365 days of the year are divided into groups of fourteen days called Njattuvela, each one bearing the name of a star.
Thus there are 27 Njattuvelas. In Thiruvathira Njattuvela rain will come down without a break. (But it will have equal amounts of sun light). Thing is it will rain nonstop(at times it will be heavy and some times drizzle). However if on the first day that is 21st june if it doesn’t rain then this will not work, coming 14 days will be sunny with little or heavy rains some time and it will not be non-stop.
Only few Malayalam calendars give this information. But you can remember it. It mostly comes during mid of June month of each year.

This is the best time to plant Pepper(Traditionally in Kerala farmers planted pepper only during this time). You can plant anything but not vegetables as seeds will get rot. If planted in bags you can transplant.
Now don’t run after nurseries for pepper vine. You should be able to locate a vine some where in your locality. Just look for new shoots under the vine spread on the ground with roots. Cut them and plant it.
Prepare the new planting location 3 days prior to planting. So the soil is set.

More on Njattuvela can be read here. … -0943.html