The new rice variety tkm 13 is doing excellently well with 4100 kgs per acre


The new rice variety TKM 13 has given 54 1/2 bags each 75 kgs …A wonderful rice variety with fine slender grain suitable for cooking meals and dosai …
Profuse tillering with more side shoots
Highly suitable for SRI method of rice planting
Non lodging even in heavy rain and flood
Tolerance to pest and disease
Very good aroma and taste
Really good yielding paddy variety for farming community


This is amazing. Can you please share the economics of cultivating this crop?
ie cost of seeds, labor, pesticides etc and the expected price of the crop.
Does this crop need plenty of water? How about climatic conditions?


wider adaptation and responsive to nutrients …cost of cultivation is just as incurred for other paddy varieties …Economics of TKM 13 paddy cultivation is 1.5 times more than other paddy varieties …The beauty is the market price is 150 rupees more than that of other paddy varieties per bag in market …It has already been accepted by majority of the farmers even before notification of this varieties due to its heavy yielding and fine slender grain type, taste and aroma …

It is well made out comments by majority of the paddy farmers that this TKM 13 paddy is a best fit for SRI planting method and  Organic cultivation methods too …becoz of its tolerance to pest and diseases …

what you are seeing in this thread are the pictures of TKM 13 paddy field taken after recent flood in and around chennai


Please can you send me at least 20 kilos as per your convenience for a trial to see how it adapts in kerala under flood irrigation &organic farming conditions.cost + expenses as per your calcultion will be send in no.09349939719


sure…but you can be doubly sure about the performance and quality of this new rice variety …Since this rice variety is tolerant to pest and disease and has early vigor and vitality , this is a best suitable rice variety for organic farming …

The stalk of this rice variety is very strong and more tillers and side shoots make the plant resistant to lodging …So under flood condition it grows safe …

I split open the base of the paddy stalk after flood and found it to be strong …


The comparative performance of two rice variety BPT 5204 and TKM 13 of the same farmer Mr.Venkatadhri, recipient of Tamilnadu Governor Award for harvesting bumper yield  in SRI rice planting


Thank you Ramu Garu, Where shll we get this Paddy seed  for 10 Acres in the ensueing Rabi season.


Dearest Farmnest hero sir

I will tell my friends to supply enough seeds especially for you  …I want to see you as a  prince of Paddy in your state with this kind of TKM 13 paddy…Please wait just for month time …I will check and revert back to you …be blessed


Thank you Ramu Garu,
Because of the changed pattern and I had been to other palaces I could not see this Posting.Sorry.
Kindly inform whether the Paddy seed of TKM 13 is avilable. If sio what is the Price per KG. Because there is no water here in Hyderabad , it is not possible. I will motivate our Clients in AP.

Kindly provide the full details Sir…


Dear manne garu
For you sake

I will get you the seeds but you have to transport it from Tiruvallur near chennai



Hello Mr Raju,
Will I be able to get this paddy seed to try out in 1/2 acre.
I live in Mysore.



I would like to try in 1/2 acre, I live in Mysuru. Can you arrange to send. Let me know the price details.
My no is 9480983511, can you share your contact no. I see One more person from Mysuru asking for trials. We both can take together.


I am also from Mysuru. My no is 9480983511, can you share your no please. we can know each other interest.


My number is 9731056202.

What’s app only pls. Be causing traveling


Dearest manner Gary
How r u