The Market Gardener - Jean-Martin Fortier

Dear All,

I just completed reading this book. A wonderful resource for small scale farmers (which most of us are) to adopt very low tech farming methods for organic farming. Jean explains how he could achieve a figure of around $120000 from his 1.5 acre farm in his last growing season selling his produce to 120 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares and two Farmer Markets. I am sure this method works well back home, but the only problem we face is with marketing our produce. A great resource for starters as to how we can plan things way ahead and achieve wonderful results in Farming with very low tech farming methods. More details about Jean and his book are available at the below link. … n-fortier/


Is this book available in India?  How can I get a copy…

Hi Praveen

It is available in flipkart.  cost Rs.1497.00 … cker=start

Thanks Krishnaprasad.

Also found at … t+gardener

for Rs.1169/-

HOwever both seem to be expensive, need to wait for an Indian print version.

Gunda and Krishnaprasad,

A good friend of mine visited this farm in Quebec, Canada and was pretty impressed with the farm, he referred me to this book. I am not sure about the Indian print version and is it something different from a publisher’s version, and by the way I had to get this book through Inter Library Loan Request for a month from my local City Library.