The herb is called Bragira seed

Hello sir,

      I want to know that herb called Bragira seed. For what purpose
they are used and where. And from where I can get these seeds


There is hardly any information available on any herb called Bragira. If you got this information from an email asking if you can supply it and make a fortune out of it, it is very likely to be a scam. Watch out!  ::)

If any one else has any information, please post. Thanks.

[size=120][b]Respected Members, Viewers and Readers,

Be care full about the e mails u received from unknown persons asking you to supply Bragira Seeds. It is one more online scam. Dont become a victim. As such there is no herb in that name.

I am posting one such mail which is in circulation for your reference. Be care and cautious.

Dont try to earn money in a easy way. Because it is not possible. [/b][/b][/size]

[b][size=100][color=red]Another Scam: From Mr.John West

Am Mr.John west,I got your contact from the international business directory out of desperate search for a reliable and a business minded person in your country for a mutual and urgent business transaction requiring maximum confidentiality and trust,hence I am contacting you.I work with Ernst and Young Pharmaceutic consultant Company UK.The company supplies a natural herb to genesis pharma & laboratory London.Which is a raw material for research and development of its anti HIV therapy,Hypertension, Parkinson Disease,Restless Legs Syndrome, Stroke. The herb is called Bragira seed. I did proposed to the said company that, I would b
e able to supply this product personal at a reduced rate.My employer buys this product from a dealer in India at the rate of 4,500 India rupees, and supplies to genesis pharma & laboratory London,at the rate of 166 pounds .I had informed genesis pharma & laboratory London that I will supply at the rate of 145.GBP(pounds.Per sachet. Which is equivalent to (10,618 INR And I did inform them that the supplier is in India.The Chairman managing director has agreed on the price, and he asked me to supply 1000 sachets which is 100 packets in one or two bacthesbecause each packet contains 10 sachets each and each sachet carries 5 grames material,as a test.

I need someone that I can do the business with. I need a partner, I can present to the company as the dealer of the product in India.Other to avoid conflict between me and my company, I want someone whom will supply this product to the said company. I don’t want my company to have knowledge of this transaction because,
am still an employee and I will loose my job if its known by them. that is why I’m approaching you to stand as the dealer in India. so that we purchase this product from the dealer in India and re-sell to genesis pharma & laboratory London, at the stipulated price as stated above; thereafter the profit would be shared
between you and I .

I am unable to travel for now after a bad vehicle accident; I have no intentions on losing out in profit as I need it to pay up my hospital bills. It has seriously drained me. With that i was hoping that a reliable person can assist me in supplying the Company this product.If you can offer this services do reply me as soon aspossible.Am expecting your urgent responds in this regard.

contact:mr john west
with this EMAIL:

Best Regards,
Mr.John west.

Sampada Farms & Consultants[/color][/size]

Good info from Sampada farms, adding reps.

Dear member,

Bragira means = “Licorice” and its botanical name is: “Glycyrrhiza glabra”

The root of this plant is used to extract  anethole (“trans”-1-methoxy-4-(prop-1-enyl)benzene), an aromatic, unsaturated ether compound and it contains another compound called glycyrrhizin which is more sweeter than sugar. The liquorice plant is a legume (related to beans and peas) that is native to southern Europe and parts of Asia. It has great medicinal values and widely used in Japan, Europe and US countries.

Any references, links, pictures?


[b]Very interesting!  Can you give market potency for Bragira.  Can you comment about the scam mails which are going around the world.  Interestingly waiting for your response.  Please provide us more info.

Sampada Farms & Consultants[/b]

Dear Sampada Farms

Licorice (or Sweet root) is very popular in foreign countries and very common produce there. Many companies made several products using them and check for “licorice candy”… Excess use of licorice is harmful to one’s liver. Just treat it as an agent replacement of sugar. Please “google” to check out its market potency. May be in India, there might be some market… or may have chance to market in Asian countries only (because of its limited produce comparing to European and US countries). If you want to cultivate, the better way is to market independently by producing any by-products of it.

Regarding Spam Mails:

The best idea is don’t make any swift contacts with unknown/unheard companies outside the country who always send replies that they’ve your requirement in bulk quantities. It is very tough task to establish business relationship with outside countries. Lot of issues to get export/import permits. After all, money transaction is major among all. Without knowing a company or their reputation, how can one deal online and send money blindly? (if you want to import some material).

Most of the scams are running with and .fr or other country webmails. London/China/Hong Kong/Nigeria or other African Countries are main sources of such scams. So be careful and aware of the postings, their posting origins and email and contact phone numbers they are asking…

With little knowledge, one can easily identify spam/scam postings.

Thanks and regards…

Dear Sir,

I am providing consultancy services for medicinal plants since 1991.  I have good knowledge about them.  I am wondering to know that Bragira is Licorice.  I refereed some authentic documents to know whether licorice and bragira are the one and same.  But unfortunately am unable to found any link to this statement.  Can you kindly pass on the information about the reference where you find this.  Even I talked to some experts from Lucknow, Bangalore, Bhopal and Dehradun to find whether bragira and licorice are the same.  Surprisingly, no one is aware of this.  Any how, I hope that you have authentic and reliable source of information about this.  Kindly let me and others know about this.  We know many facts about the Licorice. 

Sampada Farms & Consultants

This looks like a SCAM! It’s impossible to find any meaningful information on this plant!