The Construction Forum is born! (and some welcome gifts)


Hello Members,

Construction Forum is born!

While I was researching to build a small farmhouse the last few weeks and months, I realized there was not much information or community advice available for construction and building, the way we have the FarmNest Forum for farming. As farm enthusiasts and as people who invariably get involved in building construction at some point, we all get to develop an interest in home construction and improvement. With the intent of pooling and sharing of knowledge on this area, we have built a forum dedicated to building construction and home improvement: BuildSiri - the construction forum

This new forum goes by the same principles of - committed to free and open discussions and sharing of information, but on topics related to construction, building, home improvement, interiors and exteriors. We look forward to BuildSiri, the construction forum becoming a discussion hub for anything to do with building construction.

As a welcome gesture and to encourage posting, gift vouchers are being given away for the first 200 posts/topics on BuildSiri Forum. Read more on this here.

To avoid registering again, members of FarmNest forum as of 17-Jul-15 have been automatically created on forum - so it is all the more easy for FarmNest Members to get going with the same user id and password (of course, if you don’t want to use the new forum, there is nothing you need to do).

We look forward to your active participation!


P.S.: the url has changed to be easier


Dear Sri Chandra Sir,  Very useful idea sir. Our forum friends will be benefited considerably.I have posted my doubts also just now.

All the best to you sir,  g.p.rao  , farmer


Natural / green construction goes hand in hand with natural / organic farming. Thanks to Chandra for widening the horizon.


Great …Great … Great  IDEA and GOOD for all the Forum Members which is the NEED OF THE HOUR.

for vasudha Green Farms, Hyderabad Telangana,


Its really helpful for all. Most of the people are facing a lot during repairing of house, most masons are aware of new technique and proper use of construction chemicals which is nowadays is very useful.

A Big thanks !!!



Great initiative Chandra cheers