Temperature control in balcony

i live in saudi arabia where summer temperature reaches up to 50 degree Celsius  , i have covered my balcony with green color shade net , i have sowed okra , cucumber, and watermelon seeds in seed tray ,
how can i reduce temperature in balcony ( eg. misting or any other solution ), i will be very much grateful if i get some solution for temperature control .

thanks in Advance
Akthar Hussain

Hello Mr.Akthar,

There are portable mini misters/foggers available. Select the Unit/Units based on the area of coverage.

Changing your wall cladding from shade-net to LDPE would definitely help more when you want to retain the cold temperature.


Saravana Kumar

Thank you Saravana Kumar sir ,
is it possible to install LDPE sheet over shade net or should i remove shadenet and have only LDPE , i will be also installing a exhaust fan in 1 corner of the balcony because additional heat is getting generated from window AC , also i have a small doubt wont LDPE sheet trap heat inside the balcony ? 

Hello Mr Akhtar,

I am suggesting you to have LDPE only if you intend to install mister/fogger.


Saravana Kumar

Dear Saravana Kumar sir
what thickness of LDPE sheets should i fix.


Typically 200 Micron sheets are used as greenhouse cladding. But if you worry about desert winds, consider higher thickness ones.


Saravana Kumar

Dear  Saravana Kumar sir
i tried finding misting machine here in local market but was unable to find it can i use air cooler instead of misting machine

Dear Mr.Akthar,

You can use yes. But its energy consuming.

Most online ecommerce sites do offer such small misters/foggers.


greenhousemegastore.com/prod … irrigation

Try googling for delivery at your place. These are very simple DIY stuff which anyone can do.


Saravana Kumar

Dear Saravana Kumar Sir,
once again thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions , the seeds  of watermelon , cucumber and Okra have germinated well , since i am using potting mix from last year’s failed attempt I think the potting mix have lost the nutrients , if you dont mind can you please advise on the nutrient Schudule ( NPK Ratio, humic acid, Mg etc ) for those plants , i am planning to use drip pipes and small 12v submersible motor in a bucket .