Teak\Sandal\RedSandal Which is the for profit yields in 20 Years

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I am planed to cultivate Teak\Sandal\RedSandal trees in my two acres land near Vinukonda Guntur Dist, Could some please help me which would be the better profits in 20 years term.

Sivarami Reddy

1.75 crores per tonne for A garde  red sanders and 1.5 crores for B garde red sanders and 29 lakhs for C grade…timesofindia.indiatimes.com/indi … 952003.cms. If what’s stated is correct, a lorry load of red sanders of high grade costs 15 PLUS crores.

An year back I learnt from a friend of mine that one of his friend has a Red Sanders farm in 14 acres somewhere in Warangal, he was offered 14 crores but refused to sell it. There seems to be huge demand for these plantations but one has to wait at the least for 20 years.

Hi All,

This is Shivaram ,

I am planning to plant RED SANDAL/TEAK plants in my 3 acrs field as fencing model,  my field mesurements are 300 mtrs * 40 mtrs (So I need nearly 400 plants). My field having Drip irigation facility also near Jaggayyapet, Krishna(DIST), Andhrapradesh.

please let me know if you alreday have any idea about TEAK/RED SANDAL plantation, please guide me on this,

  1. Where we have to buy relaiable good quality and resonal ble price plants.
  2. what is the plantation procedure and maintanance.

Thanks in advance…