Tea Leaves Harvesting

Hallo Farmnest,
For one of my Thesis literature I am in need of soe details regarding tea leaves harvesting.

Can someone say me the approx. volume and/or mass of tea leaves harvested by an employee per min or per hour?
In India, are people still using their hands to harvest the leaves or use of leaf harvesting machines are introduced?
Also what is the approx. weight of the leaves collecting bag and what is the maximum volume of leaves the bag can contain?


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tea leaves harvesting depends upon the quality of leaf required. what is the leaf count?
it depends upon many factors.
do you know the tea industry practicals?

Dear Mr.,

This is details of your quiries-  Approved Model farm of TaTa Tea,Moonnar, Idukki-

Providing Technical Support by BIOFARMS 

Duration 8 hours

Hand Plucking  - 35- 40 kg/ person/ Day

Shear (Scissors)  100 -150 kg/person/Day

Tea Harvester -  (Need Two Persons)

Hilly area    500 -550 kg/ 2 persons/ Day

Plain Area  -600 -650 kg/ 2 persons/Day

For More Details

Er.Sunny Joseph, Palar, Idukki, Kerala Mo. 09447100775

Further any Doubts do contact BIOFARMS/ Er.sunny

Thank you
Good Luck