Taiwan or lucknow 49 guava saplings

Dear friends and experts,

  This is shankar from madurai , i am new to agriculture , planning to develope  guava orchad organically, in my farm ( total 27 acre) but on a trial basis want to develope in 6 acres , have good water source and red soil,  need your guidance for high density planting, shuld i go for about650 plants per acre or meadow method of about 1800 plants per acre , advantages and disadvantages?. and where to get a good saplings near by and cost of saplings.

thanks in advance.awaiting for your responce.

Dear Sri Shankarpandi,                                    High density planting requires more attention. If you are a farmer staying in the farm daily, you can comfortably go for high density and/or Meadows orchard planting systems.                                                  Meadows orchardering system: Introduced by CISTH, Lucknow. 2 MTR x 1 MTR, and per acre 2000 plants.    First ,take pits of size 1 ft x 1 ft x 2 ft depth, mix the top soil with organic mannures, bio pesticides and plant the guava grafting ( Lucknow 49 or Allahabad safeda ). Cut the plant at 2 ft height. Horizontal shoots comes out and grows. Again cut them at 1.5 ft lg. Again vertical shoots comes and at 1.5 ft height cut them and again horizontal shoots comes and cut them. Stop cutting and leave for flowering , which will be followed with buds and fruits. Keep only forty guava fruits for plant and 2 nd year leave only 50 fruits.        Take only one crop an year and repeat the same procedure once in a year.                  For any clarifications, pl ask me.                  With best wishes,    g.p.Rao,    farmer

Thank you sir for your reply. sir any idea where  i can get  good quality plants. and what will be the approximate price per plant.planning to plant about 5000 plants. once again thanks.

Dear Sri Shankarapandi,

If you want few plants, they can be sold by Horti Institutes. If your requirement is more, you can contact some reputed nurseries, available near by your area of farming.you can gather some information from knowledgeable local farmers, and try to fiund some good farmers ,who are doing graftings from their own farm plants, after seing the farm.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer