Taiwan guava plantation

We stay in Bangalore and got a farm close to bangalore. We are planning to grow Taiwan guava as an experiment in 1 Acre of land (around 1000 plants). We came to know that, we can buy plants that are developed through cloning. Is it ok to buy plants developed through cloning? An drawbacks? Appreciate ur early response.

Lakshmi i

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From my few years of farming Guava , it really is not a matter of cloned or traditionally layered/grafted plants that matter but the authenticity of the nursery. With no certification process or record of how the plants from a certain nursery have performed we are really at their mercy. Remember they are in business to sell the plants , what happens after 2 years is up to us.
So if you know the nursery well go thru their whole production process, check where they are getting their mother stock from, visit as many farms as you can - where their plants have been supplied. Go to farmers whose location is similar to yours and get a feedback before going ahead with the purchase.
They will be able to tell you better what issues you can expect from the plants coming out of that nursery

Thanks for the information. Iā€™m going for 2 acres of guava plantation. I have seen alhabad safeda, Taiwan red and white. Could u please suggest me which one is best among them?