Support for Farmers in Farming

Hi all,
    I am planning to buy and farm land in tamilnadu and start farming. I have seen  many commercials and information that there are lot of subsidy for agricultural purpose given by government. And I also hear about agricultural loans given by banks. When I speak to the farmers (some having some level of education and some hereditary farmers), everyone talks that getting these benefits is not easy and not worth going for. I would like to hear from this group about their experience.

Hi Sundar,
    I donno how things move in TN regarding Subsidy, but in maharashtra my experience is not good .
Lot of government schemes are there but then it starts from whether you will be allowed to fit in there , since officials may have their own preference of peoples, if you fit in, there might be already Q  to avail it.

Also various districts have their own quota for each type of subsidy, some times it may take years to get back that amount .
Eg : In maharashtra , last year some districts had very less rain so respective districts had priority for farm ponds schemes and last years pending application were processed quickly.

Bottom line is do not depend and plan on subsidy, but definitely apply for it. It may come to you in later stage when least expected.
Try to visit agri departments and know various subsidy schemes, their current status, availability etc with officials.
Some times they too have targets/priority to complete backlog of some schemes and are looking out for eligible beneficiary  farmers.

Hope it helps .
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Go for agri no problem good decision , but never expect support from government.  use alternative sources like and any other institution that can help you, If you are willing to go for gov. help then ready for long delay , and ready to pay to (bureaucrats)  from what you got as help from gov.

there are some agriculture land purchase loan available from some nationalize banks like sbi and union bank of india and etc , but the rule is .you must be farmer , you must have some land and then and only then you avail this loan to purchase more Agri land , BUT …THIS NEW LAND MUST BE IN SAME AREA…hahaha what a rule. believe me this horrible.

If you got 100Rs from government you have to pay 50% to ba****d bureaucrats…No state  is good ( at-least Gujraat is little bit good than others)  ,

  Thanks Prashant and srnarnaware for your inputs.
  This is what I expected also. We should also take care that we dont get caught with some loan sharks and lose more than what we gain. Let us see if any body has more good or bad experiance.


Thank you Sir for your information.!

Shall we get Loan for Purchase of Land from SBI like Govt. Banks as you said.If so kindly
inform us the Procedure for that along with the rules and Regulations.

Further you have informed of the Organistaion “” . Here in Hyderabad, there was no Branch.
Kindly let us know the Procedure for availing the Loan from the above Organisation and the Rate of interest for the same.

Kindly Mail full details about the above organisation.

vasudha Green Farms,,

Hi Manne,
    I don’t think there is any bank that gives loan for buying land. But once you have land, you can get loan for growing stuff.

Hi all,
  I heard that Coporation Bank, finances for buying agricultural land also. You need to have a good colataral  and a good plan to use the land.


Even if a bank is ready to give land purchase loan, the mismatch between registered value and market value of land is so huge that the loan becomes irrelevent.  In some places I have seen market price of an acre is close to 10 times registered/guidance value.

Very Valid point.

Coporation bank provides loan for purchase of Coffee Estates. Please double check if they give loan for plain lands or any other plantation.