Suggestions on Farming ideas in my Land in UP

Hello Friends,
I have my ancestral land in a remote location near Varanasi, UP. Till now my relatives are farming Wheat and Paddy without any trying any new crops.
I want to request you to provide some farming ideas which can be built up through my farms and then can be scaled up to my and nearby villages. I can arrange to directly sell the produce to the city markets or even export (at a later stage).

Thank you for your advice.

Narendra Singh

Dear Mr Narendra, in present scenario organic farming is best solution for agriculture. You can systematically divide your farm land for horticulture plants, commercial crops, regular crops, medicinal crops. The diversification of crops will end up your dependency on one crop also you will not be hurt/ not go in loss because of cimate change. If you are good in marketing then you can fetch good price for your organic agriculture produce.
All the best.
Sharad Pant

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