Suggestions need for New farm

[b][b][b]HI all,

This is Gokul.s A MBA graduate ,left job and wanna start farming,My family has bought a 5 acre farm land in kollegal,karnataka…please kindly suggest the type of plants to sow and reap benefits…

Water is good in the well ,water over flows from well during rainy season,its 40ft well ,25ft to 30 ft water during summer. :slight_smile:

soil type is red and very lightly cultivation has been done for past 2 to 3 yrs by past owner. :-\

please tell me if inter cropping can be done…if yes what plant to grow suggest me some regular crop with 3 months interval and some long term trees,
I plan to plant some teak and rose wood…in some part of the land or at border of the land

Also kindly suggest  solar powered motar to pump water,we already have a 5 hp electric motar but only 3hrs variable current makes life difficult.
Is it possible to connect it with solar for any time irrigation. :-\

we have 50 to 70 coconut trees with no watering & maintenance. it not dead but very few shells grown in trees…can we revive it by putting FYM or any organic products… :-\

I want to do organic farming only…am also interested in contract farming.can i get a family to stay in field to take care the crops.

also any other suggestions by the experienced are welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks & regards,

Gokul.s :slight_smile:[/b]

Please help Experts & farm owners  :wink:

am surprised none are helping.

Yes. You can do intercorping verymuch. Try with Banana, Arecanut or drumstick,coca etc. Inbetween trees if you plant Gliricidea or Alfalfa or sesbania you will have engough green manure or fodder.

Lemons with cocnut also have given best results in few places.

Any legumes in-between, will do nitrogen fixing job.

Solar water pump will cost you 1 hp 1lac. You will get 9 to 5 water on sunny days.

Coconuts will revive. Use pnachagavya, watering atleast in a weak. Provide neem cake, pongamia,castor cakes. If you want quick results you can go for Talc based Rizobium,PSB,VAM etc. 

Thanx sri…

Can u also tell where we do soil test…Also please give personal message your contact number so that i can get more knowledge as i am a new comer to agriculture.

Soil tests can be done at nearest KVK, Dt.Directors of Horticulture Dept or Agricuture Dept. If you have RTC they should charge you very nominally. Earlier it was free.