Suggestions for our agriculture project

Hi all,
Finally we r venturing into agriculture.had bought a 10 acre farm land near our ancestral property in Madurai…
Dug bore well a month ago got 2 inch water…fencing wll be done by this month end…ours is a kind of square land…we wanted to have diary ,trees,short term crops…right now we r planning the layout…any suggestions r model layout for the plan…thanks in advance…

A dairy+10 acres of land and you have 1 borewell yeilds 2" water in rainy season…

What is your plan on dairy i.e. how many animals?

What is the yearly rain fall in your area?

Hi Girija,

There are several options available.  You can checkout for the layout.  The farm has trees, short term crops, dairy, poultry etc.

Since you are starting fresh, you can take a look at my blog as well for a top level idea.  Please feel free to contact me and I have given my details in my signature.  I have not put my design in my blog so far and it is very similar to the model available in greenlocal (but it is not consolidated in that site).

Padmanabhan Ganesan - 9840807817

Hi padmanabhan,

The Link is currently not available. If you have any backup, Please share the Layout plan.

I am eagerly waiting for your next blog post from couple of weeks… :smiley:

Appreciate your efforts


Hi abhisajjan,

As I said in my earlier post, the site has one layout drawing and the description is available in many places.  Hence, it was not possible to have any backup and also it is not legal.

I am planning to write on the design but it make take several weeks to complete as each one needs to be described in detail.

If you are in urgent mode, please feel free to contact.



pl plane u farm as per the cropping pattern that u want to follow , fruit crop,vegatable, flower or long term plantation and area required for particular crop. Get the idea of crop selection based on the market demand,availability of market, soil n water quality etc.
pl feel free to contec tif u need any advice

Hi Padmanabhan,
    a humble request, please plan for this write up, it will help a lot to the boarders .
May be you can start with smaller posts as per your convenience . I myself struggling from last one year for ideal design for our farm .

Below things I had in my mind during initial phase .

Have farmhouse, submerged water tank as per wastu if one believe in it .
Have coconut (long life, natural boundary, looks beautiful)  on entire boundary of the farm, along with neem trees(serve purpose for organic farming) in between with a natural fence may be sagargota .

Cattle shed on highest place in farm so that cow urine and dung can be collected naturally using slope .
If farm is more than 10 acres then better to have small road which divides farm  equally .

Have few large trees such as tamarind on western boundary to reduce heat and attract birds . For bigger fruits trees such as mango western side can used, which will provide natural shed and protect crops/plants sensitive to heat, wind .  Plots very near to internal road can be used for vegetables, flowers which need frequent and quick transport to market . Have farm pond as per slope .

These are just few thoughts, knowledgeable boarders pls comment

Thanks & regards,

Hi ppb,

See my comments inline.

Hi Padmanabhan,
    thanks for your comments and the blog , its really helpful .

Hi Padmanabhan,

We have 2.12 acres of agri land (east facing) wit water facility planning to convert the piece of empty land full of trees, veggies & flowers in few yrs time…need ur suggestion on,

  1. What kind of trees/plants can be used as natural boundary apart from coconut trees, does bamboo & teak suits tat?
  2. Lukin for a layout/suggestion of where to have fruit giving trees, flowers & veggies in the farm or we should mix it up?



Hi Praveen,
See my comments inline…

We have constructed farmhouse on the highest point so that we can have a 360 degree view of the farm,and placed  cameras (with night vision)  in strategic points to have a complete view of the farm during nights. Also we built a sort of cement tank at one end of the cow shed  below the ground level and the sloping was done in such a way that cow urine flows in the direction of the tank and fills the tank also you can try to build cow shed in such a way that there is scope for future expansion .Hope this helps