Suggestions for Cultivating good Reasonable profit Crop in 15 Acre Area

Dear Sir,
We are having 15 Acre of agriculture land in chickamagalure district, as of now its more or less bare land. I request you kindly provide me basic information of how to start the cultivation on it, please provide me below mentioned information:
• How to start: Land having so many unwanted trees, plants & few old coffee plants many more things, it’s advisable to use JCB machine to clean all 15 acre one shot only. Or this unwanted plant can be used in some benefits for future crops
•Kindly suggest us the systematic idea how to cultivate crop & what to cultivate in how many acre
•We are planning to cultivate multiple crops in acre wise.
•This land is suitable for Coffee & black pepper do we grow the same
•In investments wise we don’t have much money, so planning for less duration crop with marginal profit so, whole money can be reinvested in field only.
•Kindly suggested us what crop or framing can be put across.
•We are having water source as natural lake inside our filed only kindly suggest how to best utilise the same.
•Kindly let us know if any thing else can be best which we are unable to decide or think.
Kind Regards,

No one can comment about your land in Chikmaglur till all factors pertaining to it are known.In case you attach the photographs on farmnest site many readers may forward good suggestions.I am of the opinion that till some trees are obstructing your main job do not cut them.They may support your creepers if you so grow.

Dear Dixit,

thank you so much. will definetly try to put some photos. and further more information as early as possbile.