Suggestions for crops based on soil report

I got our land registered last week.
It’s about 1.24 acres near Punganur, AP.
Mild weather throughout the year - 15 to 36 degree centigrade.

Soil report details given below

PH - 6.7
EC - 0.21
Potash - 78
Phosphorus - 26

Can you please suggest what crops/vegetables would grow well in this soil type?

Vegetables can be grown in most of the soil.  You can allocate a large parcel of your land to vegetables if you are able to sell the vegetables with good rates.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear DDS

please specify the unit of measurement for potash or phosphorus .Whether it is PPM or kg per acre and also EC unit , and soil type …

There is a lot of variation existing within same soil type in different locations

Most of the people test their soil and do the fertilizer application the way they wish with no relevance to soil test reported nutrients in the land .May be due to inability to interpret the data and technical follow up …


Dear Mr Ramu,
These Potash and Phosphorus figures are in KG/acre. EC is mmhos/cm.
If the details are not sufficient, I can get another soil report from National Agro Foundation in Chennai.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am also thinking along those lines.
Bangalore is about 140KMs and Chennai is about 220 kms from our land.
Hope we can sell to one of these markets depending on the price.