Suggestions for a new farm


I am from bangalore and we have a farm in Andhra.

I want to start with drip irrigation. How should I go about to know about setting up a small setup by myself and the material and guidance I need for it.

Also what is the best crop to grow in the next 3 months.

What is your water source?  Bowell or Open well.

Are you looking for Cheap and short lived type or expensive and long lived type?

What spacing do you need i.e. what crop?

Is your land sloping?  do you have ups and downs?

Sri, Thanks for quick reply

  1. Water source is bore well

  2. I am looking at trying my hand at drip irrigation as a rookie so cheap and shortlived is also fine. As I want to try it really small to get the hang of it.

  3. Land is not sloping but we have ups and downs. Like 1 acre on a higher level and 2 acres on a lower level

  4. I am thinking of cowpeas as crop. Or you can suggest me a crop for this experiment

Hi friends,

Please help. I want to start drip irrigation in a very minimal and low cost way to get a hang of it.

Please direct me to videos / posts / articles regarding it

As I am in Bangalore, let me know where I can buy the raw material for the same at a cheaper rate.

I am a total newbie and requesting you all to guide