Suggestion on Suitable Farming/ Agriculture

Hello Everyone,
  I am New to Farmnest and of course to the Agriculture field, Basically I am Mechanical Engineer and leaving abroad (UAE), now much bored of this mechanic life and interested to do farming. For the past 2 generations our family is away from agriculture and i want to inculcate, so that my next generations leads Healthy and  independent life.
I have bought a 2 acre land paddy field near Kanchipuram / TN through my father in Law(not a square land, 1 acre at different location a bit offset but close to the between lands are either my father in laws or my relatives and I have dig a Open  well say 30 ftx30ft and a depth of 50 Ft, but my relatives made a huge mistake by spreading the well dig sand saying that the rock locally called as (Paal Parai) very soft in nature which turns in to normal sand. It is true and I have seen this. I have not done anything in that land for the past 2 years.

How much time it will take, so that the sand will be suitable for planting, or is there any other way that i can make it fertile in short period of time say 3 to 6 months. I am planning for Vegetables / Poly House to cultivate strawberry or Capsicum.  whether it is a good move or bad move have no idea. What will be my investment if i do so and what efforts i have to put in. Friends kindly suggest me on the above and recommend  a better crop.