Suggestion for farming

I have 8 acres land in shankarpally region so want to start farming in that land .
Please suggest me which one is profitable and low maintenance .

Thanks much,

Farming is as easy as your Job.
Nothing will come easily. However, agriculture is essential for our healthy food.
If you do it scientifically for five years, then your cropS will serve/feed you for about centuries.
Water, Power, Art of raising crop, Science of understanding crop and Talent of selling your product are essentials for any one to succed in Agriculture.
Have nice ahead.
Since you are from Hyd, you can speak to Shri. Chandra. He can guide you better.

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nice to hear for starting farm.
but to reply for ur query lot of gaps are there.
what is the type of soil, availability of water source, how near is ur land to market, want to go for organic or normal farming…
you want to go for horticulture sort of thing or any other…
can u work your self at farm ? because expenses changes that will effect the profitability.
let the forum have more details so that experienced members will give best advise.
wish u all the best.