Sugarcane Ratoon Management - Organic Matter / Humus Content


We have 6 acres of Sugarcane with very low yield, to increase Organic Matter planning the following. Kindly advise what else can be done to improve Humus/Organic matter

  1. Distribute Sugarcane trash
  2. Distribute 35~40 Cart load FYM
  3. Plant Dhaincha as intercrop around 30~40th day and incorporate the same around 80~90th day
  4. After tiller phase Detrash and leave the content in the field

Kindly advise what additional can be done at Grand growth phase.

My idea is increase OM/Humus as much as possible and move towards natural/organic farming. As of now we are practicing chemical farming.

Your thoughts please.


For sugarcane latest studies say, spacing is the key factor for 100+ ton yiled.  The magic number is 2x2x8. i.e double row system.

So many farmer started doing this and in 8ft spacing they grow vegetables which can fetch a monthly income.

For trash management IFFO fertilising company has formulated a organic bio culture, see below news from your state only. … 290600.htm

Thanks Sri.

Since it is ratoon we don’t have choice, in future I may try double row with inter row spacing of 8 foot.

Ours is 5x2. Still in germination stage. Any other thoughts.