Success story of an Engineer turned natural farmer

See this nice video of ZBNF in practice. Though I do not understand the language it is still quite informative. Hopefully some of
our friends who speak Malayalam could translate and capture some of the key points in the video. Very nice to see the relaxed face
and smile of Manoj.

a nice short video on natural farming


Please remember this as thumb rule. Zero budget farming means you dont spend even a single rupee to cultivate, i.e cost of production is zero. No labor, No buying of seeds, No ploughing, No feeding the plants with water or fertilizers, No weeding, If you do everything without labor harvesting yourseld then it is called ZERO BUDGET FARMING. Spending money on weeding, ploughing, buying local seeds, harvesting is not zero budget farming but can be called as natural or organic farming. I am doing this type of farming for past 10 years in Kancheepuram dist. in Tamilnadu, and I think this explanation is given about farming for more than 100 times. So please dont confuse yourselves and others.