Subsidy to dig RWH/percolation pond

Hi everyone,
Greetings to all farmnest members.
This is my first post. So please bear with me and point out if I break some forum rules.

I want to dig a 606010 feet percolation pond on my 4 acre farm land.

Are there any government schemes (from state/central)  to provide funds or subsidize a farmer in digging a pond on his/her land?

If yes, who is the concerned person to contact and  how to apply?

I read in an old RWH thread that someone had got their pond dug free of cost by the government and was also offered Rs.10k in cash.

Has anyone got any Subsidy or funds from gov to dig a pond? Or have you ever heard anyone received Subsidy to dig a pond?

Farm description : A 4-acre farm land located in a small village, (pagudupattu, Karumandurai) on the slopes of Kalvarayan hills, Salem district, Tamilnadu. The land is bench terraced. 1 open well 30ft deep at the lowest step of the farm with a 5hp-sub-pump with free electricity service.

Thanks in advance…