Subash Palekar 36X36 model in Hyd

Hi All,

I’m from hyd. have a 3 acre farm nearby and was thinking of implementing Mr.Palekar’s 36X36 model.
but in the model some of the plants mentioned (vanilla, beetle nut etc) i believe cannot be cultivated in Hyd weather conditions.
Does anyone of you who have farm in and around Hyd tried the model, if so, what trees did u plant?

Also, as everyone’s goal in the forum, even i want to create an income 1l/yr/ac.
what do you advice, short term crops or long term plantation(thinking of pomegranate) as i’m a part-timer who has a FT IT job

This season i tried my hands with corn and toor dal…which is turning out pretty good.

Please need the forum members expert advice.

Arecanut, coffee, vanilla… this is a model for high rainfall area or well irrigated areas.

There are 5-6 other models for dry areas.

one example:Mango,Amla,Drumstick,Papaya,Piegionpea. To have detailed understanding you have to refer his book, Volume5.

Way to go is to have all plantation crops in place and grow small/medium term crops in between till the time they shade out.  You have made a good start with corn and tur.  Add more dicot crops for small/medium term as most of plantation crops are monocots.