“Stevia World Association Gathering for Innovators and Investors.”

Dear Friends,

IIAASD recognizes a clear need for new approaches to address the various problems in the field of Stevia commercial cultivation and how this profit will reach to farmers is a big question now a days. Addressing these kinds of problems, we IIAASD organized a international summit in “Stevia World Association Gathering for Innovators and Investors.” This summit is to be held on 21stMarch, 2020 at Jaipur. a summit/conference for providing a common platform for trade promotion, marketing, and sourcing of “Stevia” products and to promote commercial farming of Stevia all over the world and to establish a International ‘Stevia Hub’ and create a platform for scientists, activists, and natural health professionals those utilize Stevia products namely More than 100 well-known scientists, machinery manufacturers & investors from India & abroad have accepted our invitation for the same. This summit will be a mile-stone in developing a Stevia Hub in the state. It will also help us in attracting the investment in the state & providing employment opportunity for our youths.

If interested you can also associate or being one of the sponsor in our national seminar. We share your company logo in our certificate and you may promote your institute with this platform. For more information kindly, call +91 78919 55005; contact@iiaasd.com