Step1: My Agri Project


I am Raj from Bangalore, having a bare land near Kunigal(Tumukur) almost 100 KM from Bangalore, Wanted to do some agricultural activites.
Due to personal reason currently I cannot quit my job and will be able to work on fields during weekends, may be after 5-10 year I will be full time.

Inspired by organic Mandya and few forum members wanted to develop bare land to green land and NOT for profit, Also to fullfil my Dad dream.

Land Details	
- 4.5 Acre
- Red gravel soil
- Planning to do Natural farming

* Currently i have many questions but let start answering one by one.

Question1: Below is my road map, I am preparing for the project, team please guide if it is fine or something missing? thanks

Road Map:
1. JCB Work
	Period: 	Jun'16
	Projected: 	20000 
	Actual: 	15000
	Details: 	For boundary 

2. Soil improvement
	Period: 	July'16-Aug'16
	Projected: 	25000
	Details: 	Tractor trilling and Growing some dal plants and mixing it with soil for decompose

3. Bore well 
	Period: 	Jan'17
	Sub Work: 	Point checking, Drilling & Oth, Motor & Oth
	Projected: 	305000
	Details: 	Drilling, Casing, Collar, Wedding, Motor, Pipe, power, Transformer, meter

4. JCB Work
	Period: 	Jan - Feb
	Projected: 	40000
	Details: 	for leveling land and trench, Floor plan, pit digging

5. Fertilizer to pit
	Period: 	Jan - Feb
	Projected: 	10000
	Details: 	Coconut wrap, Some green leaves, Cow dung

6. Soil improvement
	Period: 	Jan - Feb
	Projected: 	40000
	Details: 	Mud from lake, Cow dung or organic Fertilizer

7. Shed construction
	Period: 	Feb - Mar
	Projected: 	100000
	Details: 	Materials, Labor, Electrical work , Paint work, Carpenter work

8. Soil and water testing
	Period: 	Feb - Mar
	Projected: 	5000

9. Frenching
	Period: 	Feb - Mar
	Projected: 	100000

10. Plants selection and planning (Like floor plan)
	Period: 	Apr
	Details:	Main: Mango/Coconut/drum stick/Tamrid/Jack fruit 
			Boundary: Teak/Silver oak/neem/Mela dubai
			Intercropping: Give it to some one who can take care of farm during my absence 

11. Planting plants
	Period: 	Aug
	Projected: 	50000

12. Watering Plants
	Projected: 	50000

13. Drip
	Projected: 	100000

14. Fertilizing plants
	Projected: 	50000

15. Maintaining plants
	Projected: 	50000

Hi Raj,

Based on my experience, the rate seems matching for most cases. And you can revisit the priority.

My suggestion,

  1. Land surveying and marking - if not done already. This can cost 5000 to 10000
  2. Land levelling to help rain water storage and this activity at later stage may cause issues with crops. Experienced land levelling person can help in moving the top soil aside, levelling as per requirement and refill the top soil evenly. This can cost from 50000 to 1,00,000 or more depends on the plan. If any storage tank is planned, you can plan this time itself.
  3. Fencing - Stone post with diamond mesh and barbed wire are standard, long lasting. Tata can be preferable for wires. This can cost 1,50,000 to 2,00,000
  4. Once done, you can plan for your farm
  5. Borewell and EB can be planned
  6. Trees can be planned before any crop
  7. Cattle manure, sowing multiple grains and ploughing after 40 days will help increasing soil
  8. You can plan for Mobile starter to water automatically for some time.
  9. If any local support possible, then you can plan for cattle, crops etc…


Soil Improving
green manure mulching (dhaincha/sun hemp etc) needs 45 days time , otherwise most of the prices r matching, plan your Lake (mud) during summer

Hi Soundar,

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback,

Regarding point 1. Land Surveying and Marking is done, sorry I missed at first. Thanks for rest of the points; I will make a note on the same.

I will enquire more on Mobile starter later in the forum.

Looks like I will get local support but I will keep it to minimum {You know the reasons :wink: }

Hello Raj,

Some suggestions on natural farming:
1.If the farm has gentle slope dig contour trenches to catch all rain water and let it percolate in the soil. Plant all trees on the hump created by soil excavation. It will also increase your ground water. A contour survey may be required. (see attached rough sketch.)
2 divide the crop/trees into short life, medium life and long life. At the end of say 10 years you will have orchard of long life trees such as coconut or mangoes.
3. According to natural farming principles all the biomass falling from the trees should be allowed to decompose at place which increase the soil moisture which in turn will improve the soil fertility by creating ecosystem of microbes, earthworms.

Good luck.


Hi SriRaja,
I am also in the same situation right now. Your plan shared looks good. I am looking for help to do some initial land activities like Leveling, Fencing, Borewell for my land located near to Mysore. I am looking for Agri consultants who can help me with this, please let me know if you know anybody.