Startup Based Out of Madhya Pradesh, India

Hello Mam / Sir,

My name is Ayush Agrawal.

I am going into packaging and marketing industry.

Ours will be a sole-proprietorship firm based in Madhya Pradesh with its office in Jabalpur.
We will outsource our products from Kerela.
Packaging will be done locally and marketing will be done through our various contacts.

We will be dealing in packaged Cereals, Dals, Flours, Spices, Spice Powders, Culinary Pastes, Masala Mixes, Oils, Health Foods, Snacks, Breakfast Cereals, Juices, Cookies & Millets among other items.

I am very weak when it comes to legal matters and do not know much about the various laws which would govern us.

What all would we be have to be careful about?

What all licenses and certificates would we be required to have?

Our business would come under purview of which departments of governments as we are currently only outsourcing our products and not growing them.

I have heard food department inspectors and excise department inspectors trouble a lot for funds and extort funds by mixing wrongful stuff in good packets.

Since we are dealing with foods, what all do we have to be careful about?

We are a very small startup and cannot afford bribes or even lawyers for that matter.

Any advice would be helpful.

Please not we have very less capital and cannot afford many things like lawyers and CAs right now.

We are 2 partners and not drawing salary and opened a sole proprietorship instead as income tax after 3 years would become 20 percent if we had opened a partnership.
One of us has given loan to firm and other has invested capital.


Ayush Agrawal

P.S. Please contact me personally on aayushamj@gmailDOTcom if you can offer me some advice on same are in same trade. I do not want help from consultants as those who dont do teach.
Our plan is to one day grow 100 percent of our own produce. But currently we are short of funds.

Consultants will not help you as you said you are short of fundsĀ  :stuck_out_tongue: