Starting new mango farm project

Hi Guys,
Want to start layout/design n development of 15acre plot in rajapur-mango belt.
Just 15/20kms Jaitapur Nuclear project.
Land is laterite rock(Jaambha Kaatal as it is locally called).
Ample water available on site-two open dugout wells(30,000litres/24hrs in each).
Electricity coming shortly.
Plot situated atop a small hillock abt 650ft above sea level, with approx 10-15 degree slope-good for mango.Highest spot in the area.
Cleared of all wild growth n trees before monsoon.

As of now hav focussed on only devgad alfonsoin in a triangulr format spaced 33ft apart and @ 40plants per acre with drip irrigation.
Friends and foes hav been suggesting high density / ultra hi density @ 4-500 per acre of gujrat jumbo kesar mango plantation.

One crop consultant suggested Moringa/Shewga on a small portion of adjoining land.
Low investment, low gestation-10-12mnths, good returns compared to mango, best part very little headache in bringing up and maintaining plants and produce. giving seroius thought to it.
Only problem is land value doesnt appreciate as much as in mango plantation.

Learned members any suggestion what to go for and how do i go about it
Shud i engage the services of a Horti consultant???
Hav all the basic knowledge and logistics in place as well as specific job contractors on the call for pit blasting, digout drip etc…

Any other ground breaking ideas.

Rafiq Yusuf

Good to know about serious decision for having plan of Mango for bright feature not only for you, but for your next generations too.
10 open wells are equivalent to one Pond.
10 Ponds are equivalent to one Lake.
10 Lakes are equivalent to one Reservoir.
10 Reservoirs are equivalent to one SON.
10 Sons are equivalent to one TREE.
Having more trees are nothing but securing your feature better than your children as children can go away from you for their better feature, but trees will never ask you to go from the place you planted and even if our children may miss their duty to serve us, but plant never fails your expectations on them and truly they serve you.

Why only Mango’s why can’t have more along with mango’s?
Mango tree can start yielding after 3 years, why wait until 3 years?
why can’t start getting returns from 6th month onwards from the date of plantation and get back all expenditures well within mango start its yield and get Mango (Primary)crop as bonus?

Presently iam executing my Mango project  in more profitable way.
Wishing you all the best.

Swamy Sir,
Thankyou for your good wishes.
What intercrop would you suggest.
Your suggestion is practical.

Rafiq Yusuf

Swamy Sir,
Thankyou for your good wishes.
What intercrop would you suggest.
Your suggestion is practical.

Rafiq Yusuf
[/quote] Either you have to come to my garden or I have to come to your land for best  advises at present.