Starting community farming within 200kms of Bengaluru

As some say, sometimes you got to think aloud… it might sound stupid but if its an idea in brain ; its of no use… execution matter
Community farming is one of my idea which I have thinking about from last few years. The idea is to buy large parcel of land and own small chunks of it. Use the larger chunk of land for farming and small one for recreational amenities.
Farm land in Karnataka can be brought by individuals who have Pahani in their name or in their family lineage. (
Check few slides which talks about this idea and let me know your feedback on the same. As of now, I am focusing on this project within Karnataka and 200kms max from Bengaluru. … 9791e2_143

A group of Engineers and doctors from Mysore is doing community farming. They have farm near H.D. Kote. Unfortunately I dont have contacts. If you keep trying you may get it. They have this model working since 2009. You may get better ideas if you visit them.

I got this info from a paper article. If I find it I will send you info.I cant promise, let me check if i have archived the article.

is this Oxygen Acre or this one by any chance?

no. i will get you info.