Starting a floriculture - Greenhouse project in Kanpur- UP

Hello Everyone

I am Shailendra Singh from Bangalore and i am native of Kanpur, UP.

Presently i work for Yuktix Technologies Pvt Ltd, one of Bangalore based IOT startup working in the filed of Agriculture and Smart cities. I have been to lot of Greenhouse around Bangalore and i think that i have some information about how to use Technology in Agriculture - specifically in greenhouse. Although i am not a farming expert, but know a little about the same. While i been in Bangalore, my parents live in Kanpur and like most of the people i want to move back to Kanpur.

Having some experience, i want to put my efforts in the filed of Smart farming. I have some ideas in my mind but as usually shortage of fund.
(1) Hydroponics.
(2) Floriculture - Greenhouse.

I would rather like to start with (1), as it require a small fund and small piece of land to start with. Probably i would start with fodder for cattle. But i need some help in (2)
(a) How much it will take to start a 1 acre greenhouse in Kanpur - UP taking the fact in that i don’t have land. I can get the land on lease for approximately 5 years. As far as my understanding, it would take approximately 50-60 lakhs to start a floriculture greenhouse in Kanpur excluding the land cost.
(b) How much subsidy does Government of India provide (almost 50%) and is it preferable to go through some consultancy company for subsidy? I have a word with one in Delhi but they didn’t show any interest.
© How much load does bank provide and on what basis (i know this is a naive question).

I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot in advance. 

Dear Sir,
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