Started Pomegranate plantation & wish to start Papaya plantation next

Dear Moderators & friends,
Happy to inform you that we register our company (  ) start our pomeogranate plantation at Huliyar, chitradurga.
Now i wish to start papaya farm at 25 to 50 acers. Location  of the farm is in and around our pomeogranate farm.

So i wish to get profosseional advise regarding papaya plantation. From land preparation to harvesting.
Planned to use red lady variety.
Sri, chandra, swamy, rao sir and other exparts pls share your advices.

Eagerly waiting for your reply
AG nair

One more thing, for Commercial,  natural farming is prefered or chemical  ?

Dear Sri AG Nair , Conbratulations for your pomegranite plantation and farming.

As regards to your plantation of Redlady Papaya… They are produced and seeds are supplied by Known you seed co of Taiwan. In their web site, a detailed farming write up is existing. ( ) pl go through sir.

With my experience i suggest you, 1. take more care during nursery and see that succing pest will be at zero level.2. Use as much as organic fertilisers,like FYM both cows/buffellows, goats and sheeps, neem cake, vermi compost, jatropha cake ,also bio pesticides like trichderma viride/horizonum,Psuedomonos,Paceilomyces,vam etc and plant the plants at required distances. Pl be careful and cautious about virus problem in papaya crop.

All the best,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Sir, single line question. but very difficult question and it requires days, months, together to come to a conclusion.

All the best sir,  g.p.rao,farmer

Thank u g.p.rao sir