Sprinkler irrigation farms near Hyderabad

Hello All,

Just wanted to see some farms using srpinkler irrigation around Hyderabad, I am considering settup permanent sprinklers in my farm. I do not have knowledge about this technique, so wanted to see if anyone on this forum are already using it. I am open to travel 200 KM from Hyderabad for a farm visit. Interested members also please share your experiences.

Pictures from other members are welcome.


Thank you Mr. Vamshi,
Kindly let us for which Type of Crops you require Sprinkler Irrigation.
There are several Types of Sprinklers.

You Contact Mr. Malleshm who is APMDI who will Guide you
and Show you the Lands having Sprinkler Irrigation.
Contact # of Mr. Mallesham is 9989950477 who will also
help you in getting early  Sanction of Sprinkler Irrigation
Equipment which suitable for your Farm.