Sowing Sagargota seeds in summer with irrigation

Hi Everyone,

Would it be advisable to sow sagargoti seeds directly with irrigation around the fence?

Alternatively would it be advisable to make saplings and then plant them around the fence in summer with irrigation assuming that the saplings will get established for the monsoons?

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Shri,
    first option will not work, we tried couple of years ago .
Second option is looks suitable .

Thanks & Regards,

I suggest you to go for making saplings as it has many advantages.

  1. Easy to water
  2. Can move around based on the sunlight availability
  3. Easy to monitor for pests

Once the saplings reach 3-5 ft in height, then do the actual planting in the borders  just before the monsoon, if possible.

Padmanabhan Ganesan