Sourcing millet seeds for cultivation in Bengaluru

Dear Friends

I want to start cultivation of 2-3 varieties of micro millets(Foxtail(navane)/Little(Same)/Pearl(Sajje)). This is for personal consumption. There is increasing awareness of millets in Bengaluru. Also thinking to package & sell it in near by apartment complexs.

I enquired for seeds in village. Unfortunately most of them only grow Ragi(Finger millet). Request forum members to suggest places where seeds can be procured. Have to start sowing in another 2-3 weeks. Please help. Thank you.

Best Regards

Hi All

Contacted Sahaja Samruddha, Bangalore. They have Millet seeds. Just in case if any one interested. Cost Rs.50/- per KG. Need approx 4 KG per acre. Plus courier charges, in case you need it delivered at your place.

Best Regards