Solution for Xanthomonas (Telya) of pomegranate

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Xanthomonas of Pomegranate is common only in India and may be related to the alkalinity of the soil.
My understanding of this disease is that we can not completely eradicate this unless geo-climate is perfectly suited for the plants and they are properly cared and rested between the two crop cycles.

However, we have tried to provide a practical solution wherein the disease resistance of the plants is boosted using a patented product. I have myself  seen positive results in over 110 farms in Nasik district over 2011- 2012 (we are studying this product on Xanthomonas of pomegranate since 2009).

This product and its variants also has immense potentials on other crops like chili , capsicum, strawberry, wheat, corn, and a variety of vegetables that suffer losses due to bacterial and fungal infections.

I am writing this mail on the forum to share technical capabilities of the product with those who would like to walk with me on the fine tuning and further development of the commercial product(s)

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Dr Abhay Shendye

Dear Dr Abhay Shendye,

Please mention the product, what is contains and how it works. Without that information, there is hardly anything someone can make out of the post.


The product is a patented modification of chitosan.
The modification improves the activity of chitosan in following 4 ways:

  1. it improves the antibacterial property by about 100 folds.
  2. It improves the solubility of the product beyond pH 6.5 and up to 8 or even above.
  3. It minimizes the inhibition of the product activity by cations present in water.
  4. It adds specific groups to the chitosan  molecule that help it bind to stomatal apparatus and also possibly paly a negative role in the signalling mechanism of the pathogens (required for invasion).

Chitosan as it is has been known to improve the disease resistance in plants (resistance against bacteria, fungi, nematode, as well as viruses). It also acts as plant growth promoter.

chitosan is known to be a good growth promotor and probably imparts some robustness to the plants.
results in paddy is good.