Solution for cut fruit packaging

I am looking for  packaging materials and forms that meet these criteria for cut fruits/vegetables:

    Provide protection from mechanical injury during handling, storage, and display
    Maximize freshness, quality, and shelf-life by applying the principles of post-harvest physiology
    Hold the line on costs while providing attractive presentation to the consumer

How to preserve cut fruits and avoid them getting brown after cutting and make it looks fresh in a plastic container. Or is there any company which provides such packaging solution.

For handling, storage, display im sure you can find some solutions.

You cannot preserve fruits once they are cut. They either get oxidised or start to degrade due to bacterial action. Different fruits degrade at different rates. They key is to keep the fruit away from making any contact with air (Not sure how you could achieve that).
For home use, You can put cut fruits in air tight containers/cans with hot boiling sugar syrup,hot juice or hot water . The cans have to be sterilized. Also trying to can over-ripe fruits is not a very good idea. 

Hi Sanjay,

You can contact CFTRI for details on the same. They’re also conducting a short course in March on HOLISTIC APPROACH IN PROCESSING OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES INTO VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS . Details on the course can be found at

The key is refrigeration for fresh cut F&V. The entire farm to shelf journey has to be through cold storage, refrigerated vans & containers. The shelf life is around 2-3 days in which it has to be consumed.