Solar Powered Insect Trap

I am Ajaiy from Hyderabad having guava (Taiwan variety) orchard. Where can i get Solar Powered Insect Trap in Hyderabad, India what would be the cost.
Are these traps effective.

Hi Ajay,

i will give you more information about your solar insect trap request.

Thank you

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I am from Maharashtra can you tell me details and price. My email is ravilende at gmail . com Mob- 9860034456

Dear rambhupal sir, it will be a great pleasure for most of the farmers, to use these traps for controlling thrips, white / yellow musquitos, all succing pests, and if it is totally controllable, nothing required more. pl confirm. we want to know. pl describe in detail.   

g.p.rao, farmer.

Hi Ajaiy,

There was an article in the ‘Agriculture’ section in the Hindu, a few months back about this topic.  I am providing a link to this article below:

Details of the inventor is given in the article.  Maybe you can contact him and provide feedback to the members here.



Solar insect traps are commercially available. I think SAFS Oganic sells them - try searching for them.
I had made one myself with a small solar light that switches on automatically at dusk. It worked okay for a few months.

However,  light traps attract only insects that are attracted to light and not all insect pests are phototropic.