Solar panel wind safety


I have been installed solar water pumping system ten days ago in my agricultural land.
Due to wind, four panels are blown off, at one side of panel frame holes are tore. One panel on the frame broken due to twist at screws.
Unfortunately due to some reasons I have not made insurance.
How can I avoid this damage in future.
Kindly suggest mitigation and contingency plans for this situation.
Kindly share your suggestions and experiences which can be more helpful.


Dear Swamy

Please after re erecting the solar panels with appropriate support metal structure also install wind breakers back of each panel which will eliminate such accidents google net you will get many options to break wind force.

Dear Mr Swamy
during the recent rain with high speed wind our cow shed has been ripped off and thrown 100 feet away. Angles, pipes and Tata sheets bolted and constructed firmly could not withstand the wind force. Solar panels are very light, they can not withstand. See that the surface area to be minimum in the direction of the wind, meaning keep the panel horizontal so that they give free passage to the wind.

Hi Krishnaprasad,

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am building a wall with 2feetx 7feet tiles (1 1/2 feet in ground) around the frame to block the wind.

Hi Vasudevan,

Could you please send few pictures?