Solar Panel installation failure


I have been installed solar water pumping system ten days ago in my agricultural land.
Due to wind, four panels are blown off, at one side of panel frame holes are tore. One panel on the frame broken due to twist at screws.
Unfortunately due to some reasons I have not made insurance.
How can I ensure the stability of solar panels.
Kindly suggest mitigation and contingency plans for this situation.
Kindly share your suggestions and experiences which can be more helpful.


looks like manufacture have used tiny screws. Can you tell what size were the screws. A Mteric bolt of M8 size should suffice your requirement.

You can also get your frame fabircated with 10mm thick steel angles. Experienced steel fabricator will do a job for you.

post pictures may be I can suggest more about it.

Sorry Swamy garu for the Problem you faced and for the Loss sustained to you.

It is the responsibility of the  Manufacturer/Installer of the Solar Panels. If you have installed yourself , manufacturer will not be responsible. If the system is installed by Manufacturer/Dealer, they need to rectify the defect. The system should be tolerated to the wind hazards.Involve the Manufacturer / Installer / Dealer to rectify the defect because it is only a TWO months old. If you have taken the Bank Loan , there may be Insurance. If it is available there will not be any Problem.

Pl. Contact  an Advocate nearing you along with the quotation,Bills, Br ocher, Catalog etc. for getting advise on the possibility of issuing a Legal Notice and in turn Possibility  in  approaching a  Consumer Forum.

Hi Sri2012,

They have used M6 screws.

Hi Vasudha farms,
Thank you for your suggestion.
The installer came and re installed except one frame which is broken.Now it is working.The installer said he will replace broken panel with new panel.They have repaired four panels.They have not given yet all the documents to do insurance.Once they give all the documents, I will check with insurance people what type of insurance it works.
I am also planning to build a wall with tiles around frame to block the wind.


Make sure the wall doesnot shade the panels.

Thank you you sir,

Instead of Constructing wall ask the supplier to Provide strong structure
withstanding the storm or strong wind. If you construct a wall it may
effect the performance of the UNIT.If you need Protection from the thefts ,
you keep barbed wire fencing with Gate. It is the responsibility of the
supplier to replace the Damaged Items and insist them.

Further get the Insurance as if it is a New UNIT duly Providing the Bills,
since it is three months old duly convincing them that all the three
months was taken for installing the Unit.


Hi Sri2012 and Vasudhafarms,

Please find attached pictures, how I am going to construct a wall with 2" thick tiles (2 feet width x 7fee height).


Hi vasudhafarms,

You are right. This is the responsibility of supplier to install with strong structure. Wall can be a solution but it will increase the cost.