Solar fencing poles

Can somebody give me the prices of solar fencing poles presently whether they are in round or square shape with 3 feets to 5 feets high.
Please provide proper answer according to your offers.

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From given below link you will find the all address of the companies working for solar system. I hope you will get good Quotation. … esses.html

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As you said nonactive link.
Do you have any rates or heard about them? I did once on indiamart, but didnt get quotes on poles but they offer for an acre etc.

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The poles used in solar fencing are plain T angles or Square Pipes. Nothing special about these. You could get cut to length at any place/fabricator.

What is special is though, how the GI high tension wires are run between poles without contacting the poles which are grounded.

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Thanks for that information, but what I seen on most websites as they running per meter cost is 200 RS and so on, can you let me what is the pole size etc.
an example site


The cost you are referring is for not just the poles, but all fence hardware which will include poles, GI wire, reel insulators etc


Saravana Kumar

Govt provides for subsidy Solar fencing, they provide 50% subsidy

When i was working on it, it was costing around 200 / running meter cost for fencing. with subsidy it was at 100/ running meter. this is for 5 lines above the ground with 7 feet rods

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The attached file should give you an idea.


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Solar fencing price list 2014-15.pdf (383 KB)

This file was seen long back, but they haven’t mentioned no of poles  I know Crown solar in jeedimetla and a friend supplies warning sign boards, but never said the cost of pole.

If their is profit we will be manufacturing soon that is the reason for asking.