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I am a new farmer and own around forty acres of land in chhattisgarh. i plan to plant bitter gourd and chilly in my farm in june this year but their is now cow dung manure avialable in vicinity. can someone please guide me to have good production in case of non avialibility of cow dung manure

Dear Sri Praveen.NEC,                                  when cow dung manure is not available, you can use goat/sheep manure, horse manure etc. You can also use poultry manure, only after processing it.                                  Nothing , mentioned above are unavailable, you can use green mannures. Also you can use vermi compost.                        With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,  farmer

Thank you Sir,

But the effect of Cow dung is more than that of any Organic Manure. After Purchasing my land 4 Years back I have used Cow dung of  6 Lorries for TWO Acres. Because of that I am getting GOOD Crop yields since then. As informed in the Lectures of Pundit Ravi Shankar’s Organic Farming , it was informed that thousand Crores of useful Bacteria for the plants are  embedded in Cow dung. Hence one can give much IMPORTANCE to Cow Dung by making some efforts as per  several lectures on Cow Based Organic Farming as well as my experience too.

Kindly go through IMAGES Showing the Quality of Plantain  BANANA in my land.  JAI GOMAATHA

Dear Rao Sir,
How do we process poultry manure

Dear Mr Akthar,

Dig a pit of required size to a depth of 4 or 5 ft. Fill 1 ft depth/thick poultry manure, put 10 or 15 KGS of bone meal/single super phosphate,  again fill 1 ft poultry manure, SSP and soil and repeat thrice or four times as said above and on top close it with soil. Fully drench with required amount of water till it wettens till the bottom part.

Initially, our hand will burn for the heat, if you insert inside, and slowly it cools down and after the poultry manure is ready to use , it will be in normal temperature, even you put your hand in side the manure.

Weekly/biweekly sprinkle water till the humidity is maintained till bottom, for a period of 4to6weeks.

Once it is ready, it will be in cool condition, as said earlier.It will be a very rich manure.

With best wishes, g.p.rao,  farmer

Wow. That’s marvelous yield.
How did you treat the land with Cow dung? Did you just spread the Cow dung or mix with anything else?

Dear Sri Manne.s.n,

Healthy Banana.

Cow dung manure is excelant and other mannures are recommended, as cow dung manure is not available.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer.

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