Soil Conditioner and Reducing Soil Salinity Drastically

We do reclamation of saline soil on contract basis over 50 acres across India.

Soil Conditioner : Shree Amrut is capable of reducing soil salinity drastically. Shree Amrut used in around 1000 agricultural plots to increase the fertility of soil. It improves porosity of soil within 2 weeks thereby increasing white root, improving intake of water and fertilizer. Around 50% increase in yield is observed in all areas. Soil conditioning is done on tomato, sugarcane, grapes, leafy vegetables, pumpkin and on various fruits, vegetables and grains in around 7 districts in Maharashtra & Karnataka. (

Commerical benefits of farmers: After using Shree Amrut
1.) Fertiliser cost will be only 25%.
2.) Production will increase by 30-40%

Soil Health: Will be improved dramatically in following ways

Physical : Porosity will increase which facilitates proper aeration to soil. pH will be improved. Water holding capacity increases.