Small Scale Milk Processing Unit

What would be the cost of setting up a small scale milk processing unit? Is there a minimum number of liters for the unit to run profitably? What are the advantages? What are the pit falls? Please? Thanks

  1. You can contact Ms.Divya from
    They are Chennai Based Refrigeration company Who produce 50Lts Capacity Coolers.
    This is the information from my linkedin contact I am not user of this product.

2.Also You can contact Dr.GNS Reddy
check this website
Akshayakalpa Farms and Foods Pvt. Ltd.
382/2, Sharadanagara, Tiptur – 572202, Karnataka
Phone: +91(0)8134-250045, +91 9845152359, +91 9900092392

Dr. GNS Reddy is on the forum with id GNSREDDY
You might try PMing him as well.